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Immunohistochemistry Detection Kit, Mouse IgG, BioAssay(TM)

Cat no: I7506

Supplier: United States Biological
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The Immunohistochemistry Detection Kit is a reliable and convenient tool to identify specific gene expression on tissues or immobilized cells. Each kit contains all reagents, including buffer and chromogen, required for the immunohistochemistry. A biotinylated, cross-adsorbed, and affinity purified secondary anti-mouse IgG is used to detect primary antibody-antigen complexes adhered to a glass microscope slide, following reaction with an enhanced detection reagent. This kit is compatible with mouse IgG primary antibodies and can be used for both frozen and paraffin-embedded tissues. Each kit contains all reagents, including normal goat serum, biotinylated anti-IgG, Streptavidin, Biotinlated HRP, liquid DAB, DAB buffer and detoxification buffer, for a whole procedure of immunohistochemistry. A simple protocol and recommended experimental conditions are provided. Each kit is enough for immunostaining 100 to 500 standard microscope slides and is stable for 2 years at 4 degrees C. Simple to use: A highly optimized protocol guides you through each step of the process of the IHC and the counterstaining. Straight-forward instructions, color-coded reagents, notes and trouble-shooting tips are valuable aids to the novice and the expert. Maximum sensitivity: High signal with low background Environmentally friendly: In order to minimize DAB toxic disposal requirements, this kit has a special reagent to make DAB substrate non-toxic. Applications: Can be used fot both frozen and paraffin embedded tissue sections Quality Control: 1. Components in this kit are free of precipitate. 2. Each lot is tested by p53 antibody. Kit Components: 100 Tests 500 Tests I7506A: Normal serum 250ul 1.25ml I7506B: IgG (Biotin) 250ul 1.25ml I7506C: Solution A 260ul 1.3ml I7506D: Solution B 260ul 1.3ml I7506E: DAB Buffer 10ml 50ml I7506F: DAB 250ul 1.25ml I7506G: DAB Detoxification Reagent 1ml 5ml Storage and Stability: Store components at 4 degrees C. Stable for 6 months For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial prior to removing the cap.
Catalogue number: I7506
Reactivities: Mouse
Applications: Immunohistochemistry
Size: 100 Slides

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