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Protein Biochemistry

Protein Biochemistry
Looking for reliable and cost effective protein Biochemistry Products for your research?

Proteins are large, 3-dimensional organic molecules made up of intricately folded chains of amino acids. Human bodies contain thousands of different types of proteins, such as insulin, hemoglobin, and antibodies. Protein biochemistry is the study of proteins and how they act and interact to direct the functions of living organisms. Both the physical structure of a protein, or the way it “fits” with...

...another molecule, as well as its chemical components and how they bond with each other and with other molecules, affect the protein’s action, or expression, within an organism. Enzymes, which enable proteins to function, are also important aspects of protein biochemistry.

Protein biochemistry is fundamental in university and medical R&D, clinical testing, pharmaceuticals, environmental monitoring, food & beverage nutrition and safety, forensics, agriculture, biofuels, and in many other sectors.

Instruments and equipment for protein biochemistry labs include benchtop pH and conductivity meters; spectrophotometers; spectrofluorometers; pipettes, racks and filter tips; blot PVDF membranes; an integrated Western blot workflow system; blot transfer systems; protein interaction array system; cryogenic freezers; mass spectrometers; Raman and PV spectrometers for microscopes; sequencing software; microplate readers; blot imaging systems; UV-vis-NIR microscopes; TCSPC microscopes; liquid chromatography and HPLC systems; ion chromatography systems; cell growth containers; nucleic acid purification systems; tissue homogenizers mounting media; SPR detectors; incubators; shakers; autoclaves; silver membrane filters; gel electrophoresis systems; protein characterization systems; cuvettes; and DNA sequencing services.

Biochemicals and reagents for protein biochemistry include monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, RNA polymerase; reverse transcriptase; ribonuclease; cDNA synthesis kits; vaccines, antibody drug conjugates, protein standards; endotoxin detection assays and removal service; ELISA and other assay kits; bacteria capture kits; cell culture media; transfection reagents; DNA extraction and purification kits; lectins; mycoplasma removal agents; immunodetection substrates and kits; stabilizers; and blocking solution.

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