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GRO beta, Recombinant, Human

Cat no: G8975-23

Supplier: United States Biological
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Human GRO beta is a member of the CXC family of chemokines and promotes neutrophil and basophil chemotaxis and degranulation. GRO-beta like GRO-alpha specifically inhibits growth factor-stimulated proliferation of capillary endothelial cells in a dose-dependent manner. Human GRO-beta is a 7.9kD protein containing 73 amino acid residues. Source: E.coli Form: The sterile filtered solution was lyophilized without additives. Stability: The lyophilized protein is stable for few weeks at room temperature, but best stored at -20 degrees C. Reconstituted human GRO-beta should be stored in working aliquots at -20 degrees C. Purity: (same/more than) 98% by SDS-PAGE and HPLC analyses. Endotoxin: (same/less than) 0.1ng/ug (1EU/ug). Reconstitution: We recommend a quick spin followed by reconstitution in water to a concentration of 0.1-1mg/ml. This solution can then be diluted into other aqueous buffers and stored at 4 degrees C for 1 week or -20 degrees C for future use. Biological
Catalogue number: G8975-23
Size: 2ug

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