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InSyte Real time Nucleic Acid Analysis System

InSyte Real time Nucleic Acid Analysis System

Supplier: BioGene Ltd
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‘Ultra-Rapid’ Thermal Cycling, the World’s fastest 96 well thermal cycler?

At the core of BioGene’s InSyte (‘Real time’ Nucleic Acid Detection and Analysis System) and SynChron (Thermal Cycler) is a unique, patented heating technology. ‘Integrated Thermal Control (ITC)’ comprises a highly thermally conductive reaction vessel with an independent heater for each vessel. This allows for extremely rapid heat transfer to the vessel contents (heating rates of35C/s), resulting in ‘ultra-fast’ amplification times (e.g.240 bp fragment, 50 cycles in under thirteen minutes).Vessel format is a 96 well micro-titre plate, allowing for use with standard laboratory equipment and automation.

High sensitivity optics for the ‘Real time’ system (use of a 32 channel photon counting PMT) and a fast scanning spectrometer (collects whole spectrum from 520-720 nm) ensures that all data is collected for comphrensive post-amplification analysis.

Powerful yet intuitive software with applications like ‘Results calling’ is available.

Each reaction vessel can be independently monitored and controlled (optically/thermally) facilitating accurate, reproducible and documented verification of data and the ability to run several different protocols in one plate at the same time.

Key applications include time-critical diagnostics, HTS and rapid optimisation of protocols.

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