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Hybcell Oncogenes Tissue PlexA

Hybcell Oncogenes Tissue PlexA

Supplier: Anagnostics Bioanalysis GmbH
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Anagnostics' Oncogene tests for personalized oncology are easy to use and deliver fast and comprehensive results. Using Anagnostics compact sequencing technology, a high number of clinically relevant mutations is targeted. The existing KRAS test is extended to test further mutations (BRAF, EGFR...).


Few hands-on steps
Fast (< 90 minutes)
Sensitive (detection of < 1 % mutation vs. wildtype DNA)
All clinically relevant mutations are directly identified
Cost effective analysing 1 to 8 samples without expensive reagent wasting


Genomic DNA from fresh tissue, fresh frozen tissue or in formaline fixed and in paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue is used as sample material. The sequence enclosing codons (e.g. KRAS 12/13) are amplified in an upstream PCR reaction. Fluorescence-labelled PCR amplificates bind to immobilized probes on the hybcell.

If the last base is complementary to the amplificate, the probes are extended on the hybcell surface. Fluorescence-labelled amplificates and extended probes remain associated at high temperatures while hybridization. After a washing step the fluorescence is measured by the hyborg (qualitative and semi-quantitative results)

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