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HS 4800™ Pro and 400™ Pro Hybridization Stations

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Automated single- and multi-segment microarray slide processing

The HS 4800 Pro and HS 400 Pro microarray hybridization stations minimize handling of microarray slides by implementing all the steps of microarray processing, from pre-hybridization and blocking to washing and drying, inside the slide-processing modules, The microarray hybridization stations are fully programmable with accurate time and temperature control, and tunable frequency of sample agitation to match the requirements of applications ranging from hybridization of high-density DNA arrays to processing of protein arrays.

The HS 4800 Pro can be configured with capacity for 12 to 48 single- and multi-segment slides. The HS 400 Pro can handle up to four slides. These microarray hybridization stations are designed to integrate the microarray process in a tightly controlled environment that is free of air bubbles and ozone. Agitation during sample incubation or hybridization increases the specificity and uniformity of the interaction between probes and target molecules; it also increases the sensitivity of the assay and allows reduction of incubation times.

The process standardization and automation achieved with the HS Pro are particularly advantageous for processing protein microarrays and segmented microarrays. The use of the HS Pro minimizes the incidence of artifacts and handling errors, consequently reducing variability and enhancing data quality. Protocols are available for numerous applications involving DNA, RNA, and protein microarrays.

Salient features of the HS Pro:

• Temperature control from 4 to 99°C
• Reservoirs for up to six buffers (four bottles may be heated)
• Multi-mode agitation, including low-frequency mode for viscous buffers
• Active Bubble Suppression system (ABS™)
• On-board drying using compressed nitrogen gas (OSND™)
• Supports single-area and segmented microarrays (interchangeable Single, Dual and QuadChamber™ options)
• Easy and flexible programming

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