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Global BioBanking Solution

Global BioBanking Solution

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Supplier: RURO Inc.
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RURO’s sample management solutions improve inventory management, automate workflow management, eases data transfer with integrated machines and systems, increases communication with customers and collaborators, and increases the transparency of overall laboratory management.

Best of all, RURO's sample management solutions scale and grow with customers, from the 3 freezer sample collection to the global sample operations of top 5 pharma.
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P type: Software
Method: Breaking down the barrier to customers, attaining mastery of inventory levels, and increasing efficiency with greater ease than ever before.
Research area: Inventory Management
Sample Tracking
Laboratory Informatics
Additional info: Every system action is audit logged with information automatically backed up. Records are more secure, with:
1024 Bit Encryption
Secure Socket Layer
LDAP authentication support
Beginning with FreezerPro, RGBS can be expanded, including improvements to the biobank facility itself.
A full service RFID provider, RURO has outfitted biobanks with:
Staff and inventory tracking magnetic field layouts.
High-throughput scanning antenna that allow inventory checks.
Transfers without opening containers, and the robotic SmartFreezer.
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