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ELx405 Microplate Washer

ELx405 Microplate Washer

Supplier: BioTek® Instruments, Inc.
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Over the last 20 years, BioTek has become the leader in microplate washing. This proven expertise in the design and manufacture of the highest quality microplate washers has evolved into the ELx405™ Microplate Washer.

Precise, fast and easy to use -- the ELx405 includes a variety of models, each with its own innovative features. The ELx405 HT is designed specifically to rapidly wash 384-well microplates and includes BioTek's patented Dual-Action™ manifold to ensure optimal performance and easy maintenance. The ELx405 Select is the market leader in 384-/96-well washing.

The Select also has our patented Dual-Action™ manifold, providing independent control of both dispense and aspirate manifolds for precise overfill washing and overflow protection in both 384- and 96-well microplates. This unique design washes both 384- and 96-well plates without the need for any hardware changes. With its angled dispense tubes, full control of dispense and aspiration rates and unique X, Y, Z positioning, the ELx405 Select is ideal for the most demanding wash requirements.

The ELx405 Select CW is specially designed to accommodate loosely-adherent cell lines. For those applications that use only 96-well microplates, the standard ELx405 Microplate Washer is an ideal choice for performance and value! The ELx405 is the most precise and reliable washer available. Many unique features lower background absorbance values and increase the signal-to-noise ratio of typical ELISA assays.


Accommodates 384- and 96-well microplates

Polystyrene and magnetic bead assays along with standard ELISAs

Patented Dual-Action™ manifold on the ELx405™ HT and ELx405™ Select provides independent control of the aspirate and dispense manifolds for precise overfill washing and overflow protection

Internal positive displacement pump eliminates the use of troublesome pressure delivery systems and allows the use of any size dispense reservoir

Built-in priming trough allows automatic manifold priming and rinsing during both operation and maintenance modes and eliminates the need for blank plates when used in automated robotic systems

Fully variable dispense volumes, flow, and aspiration rates provide total control of the washing cycles from a gentle cell-washing application to vigorous wash for high-binding assays

Built-in fluid flow, fluid detection, and vacuum sensing provide complete protection for unattended operation

Optional external valve module connects four reagent bottles with automatic switching between reagents

BioStack compatible for automated washing of up to 50 standard height microplates

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