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STAT, BioAssay(TM) Sample Kit (Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription)

Cat no: S7969-85

Supplier: United States Biological
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Jaks (Janus Kinases) and Stats (Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription) are utilized by receptors for a wide variety of ligands including cytokines, hormones, growth factors and neurotransmitters. Jaks, activated via autophosphorylation following ligand-induced receptor aggregation, phosphorylate tyrosine residues on associated receptors, Stat molecules and other downstream signaling proteins (1,2). The phosphorylation of Stat proteins at conserved tyrosine residues activates SH2-mediated dimerization followed rapidly by nuclear translocation. Stat dimers bind to IRE (interferon response element) and GAS (gamma interferon-activated sequence) DNA elements, resulting in the transcriptional regulation of downstream genes (1,2). The remarkable range and specificity of responses regulated by the Stats is determined in part by the tissue- specific expression of different cytokine receptors, Jaks and Stats (2,3), and by the combinatorial coupling of various Stat members to different receptors. Serine phosphorylation in the carboxy-terminal transcriptional activation domain has been shown to regulate the function of Stat1,-2,-3,-4 and-5 (1). Phosphorylation of Stat3 at Ser727 via MAPK or mTOR pathways is required for optimal transcriptional activation in response to growth factors and cytokines including IFN- g and CNTF (4,5). Jak/Stat pathways also play important roles in oncogenesis, tumor progression, angiogenesis, cell motility, immune responses and stem cell differentiation (6-11). Stat Antibody Sampler Kit contains 40 microl of each primary antibody [Stat1, Stat3, Stat5 and Stat6] and 100 microl of anti-rabbit IgG secondary antibody (HRP conjugated). Kit Components: n Stat1 Antibody rabbit polyclonal IgG, affinity purified 40ul n Stat3 Antibody rabbit polyclonal IgG, affinity purified 40ul n Stat5 Antibody rabbit polyclonal IgG, affinity purified 40ul n Stat6 Antibody rabbit polyclonal IgG, affinity purified 40ul n Anti-Rabbit IgG, HRP-linked 100ul Source/Purification: Polyclonal antibodies are produced by immunizing rabbits with synthetic peptides corresponding to residues of human Stat1, mouse Stat3, human Stat5, and human Stat6. Antibodies are purified by protein A and peptide affinity chromatography. Storage and Stability: May be stored at 4 degrees C for short-term only. For long-term storage, store at -20 degrees C. Aliquots are stable for at least 6 months at -20 degrees C. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial after thawing and prior to removing the cap. Further dilutions can be made in assay buffer.
Catalogue number: S7969-85
Size: 1Kit
Form: Supplied in 10mM sodium HEPES, pH 7.5,, 150mM NaCI, 100ug/ml BSA and 50% glycerol.
Purity: Purified by Protein A and immunoaffinity chromatography.
References: (1) Darnell Jr., J. et al. (1994) Science 264, 1415
Additional info: Each Stat antibody in the kit recognizes only its target protein, independent of phosphorylation state.

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