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Sciency® ELN

Sciency® ELN

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Supplier: RURO Inc.
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Sciency® ELN gives a scalable, integrated research environment for managing and sharing data.

Within it’s robust framework, intellectual property is protected, laboratory processes are streamlined and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance is supported.

With numerous features aiming to improve productivity, Sciency is the future of electronic notebooks.

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Catalogue number: N/A
P type: Software
Method: Designed to be used across multiple scientific disciplines including sequencing, genomics, proteomics, analytical and synthetic chemistry, biology and other research environments - from discovery to manufacturing.
Research area: BioTechnology
Electronic Notebooks Recording
Data Handling/Management
Process Control
Research Services
Testing Services
Additional info: Sciency at a Glance:
Multi-window, multitasking desktop environment right in your web browser.
Design studies, conduct analysis and generate visualizations.
Project and study based with customizable project types and workflows.
Collaborate with colleagues across the lab and across the World!
Manage files and research data easier than ever.
Create custom forms including data entry, surveys and more.
Built-in integration with FreezerPro for sample management and ezColony for animal management.
Can be linked with e-mail account. The system has the option to send automatic e-mails to the users informing them of a new activities in the “discussion” section of a particular project.
Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel AddOn allows for a seamless transfer of a documentation into a Sciency “note.” Users may also sign “notes,” preventing further editing.
Full iPad support.
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