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Protein Expression Media, Turbo Broth(TM) (Powder) pEX(TM)

Cat no: P9102-40A

Supplier: United States Biological
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Turbo Broth(TM) is a unique media formulation designed to improve recombinant protein production. Unique media formulations Improve recombinant protein production Other unique, proprietary media formulations: pEX(TM) Protein Expression Media P9102-40 Media Optimization Kit(TM) P9102-40A Turbo Broth(TM) P9102-40B Superior Broth(TM) P9102-40C Power Broth(TM) P9102-40D Hyper Broth(TM) P9102-40E M9Y (Glucose) Broth(TM) P9102-40F Glucose-Nutrient Mix P9102-40G LB Broth (Miller) Not sure which media expression system to choose? United States Biological has developed a unique research tool for protein expression media selection: Media Optimization Kit(TM) Our experiences with the expression of recombinant proteins have shown that the level of expression is very much dependent on the medium used. Some proteins are expressed well in one medium, but are not expressed in the same host strain in another medium or protein may be expressed in one medium while another protein is not expressed in the same medium. This demonstrates why for each recombinant protein a medium screen becomes a crucial part of the optimization process. To facilitate the researchers
Catalogue number: P9102-40A
Size: 500g

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