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Supplier: RURO Inc.
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Limfinity® is the 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software framework that powers most RURO Solutions. Implementation can be performed with little or no code writing and is primarily executed by non-IT staff.

Limfinity is flexible. It has been deployed by customers exclusively, without assistance from RURO Project Managers; it has been deployed strictly as an integration tool, invisible to users; and it has been employed as a comprehensive, stand alone LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) for close to 100 organizations around the globe.
Catalogue number: N/A
P type: Software
Method: Deploying a premier LIMS at less time and financial cost, allowing for automation of laboratory information processing
Research area: LIMS
Laboratory Informatics
Data Handling/Management
Process Control
Research Services
Additional info: Benefits of Limfinity:
Drastically reduces the time required to retrieve, share and report information.
Ensures data integrity by imposing custom range limits and conditional alerts.
Enables external users to securely work remotely from home or even around the world more efficiently.
Improves the lab’s ability to support its customers with automated, workflow-based messaging tools.
Provides personalized interfaces specific to user roles and workflow involvement. The result is less time wasted on reporting and auditing steps.
Protects data with LDAP protocol, and enterprise-grade SSL and 1024-bit Encryption.

Supports compliance with HIPPA, FISMA and other health information regulations and establishes FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
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