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HistoGrip(TM) (50X concentrate)

Cat no: H5107

Supplier: United States Biological
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Application: An easy-to-use product for adhering tissue to glass slides. Treating the glass with HistoGrip results in a strong bond between the tissue and slide. Normal enzyme digestions, antigen recovery procedures, and even the harsh processes of in situ hybridization will not remove tissues adhered with HistoGrip. Superior to poly-L-lysine. Slides treated with HistoGrip can be used for immunocytochemistry, histology, special stains, frozen sections and cell culture techniques. Recommended Usage: Supplied as a 50X concentrate. Prepare Working Solution: Dilute 1:50 (5ml per 250ml) in acetone. Note: Each 250ml of prepared working solution is sufficient for approximately 500 slides. Discard after use. Protocol: 1. Place glass slides into HistoGrip solution for 1-2min. or 10-20 dips at RT. 2. Rinse quickly in 3 changes (10 dips each) of distilled water. 3. Air dry or dry slides in 60 degrees C oven for 1 hour. 4. Store slides in dust-proof box. Precaution: Do not use gelatin or other adhesives in your water bath. Use distilled water only.
Catalogue number: H5107
Size: 10ml

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