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HAT Assay Reagent Kit, BioAssay(TM) (Histone Acetyl Transferase)

Cat no: H1823-01

Supplier: United States Biological
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Kit Description: Quantity: 100 assays per kit Use: Accessory reagent kit for the analysis of histone acetyltransferase activity. Kit Components: H1823-01A: HAT Assay Buffer (5X), 1x500ul. 250mM Tris-HCL, pH 8.0, 50% glycerol, 0.5mM EDTA and 5mM DTT. H1923-01B: Core Histones, 1x200ug. Chicken erythrocyte core histones lyophilized from sterile distilled water. Aseptically reconstitute to 1mg/ml in sterile water and aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. H1823-01C: P81 Posphocellulose squares. 100 prelabeled cellulose phosphate paper squares. Strong cation exchanger of high capacity; ion exchange capacity is 18.0 mEq/cm2. Thin (0.17 mm) paper. Flow rate: 125 mm/30 min. Very useful for the separation of biogenic amines, antibiotics, histamines, certain metals (Fe, Cu) at very low concentrations. H1823-01D: Acetyl-C0A, 10x10ug. Each vial contains 10ug of Acetyl-coenzyme A, trilithium salt, lyophilized from 25ul sterile distilled water. Acetyl-CoA is a carrier of acetyl groups for enzymatic reactions involving biological acetylation and fatty acid synthesis and oxidation. Materials Required But Not Provided: [3H] Acetyl-CoA (Amersham, Catalog # TRK688, 290 Ci/mmol) Histone acetyltransferase Trichloroacetic acid Ethanol Sterile distilled water Scintillation fluid Microcentrifuge tubes Micropipettes and tips Microcentrifuge Timer Scintillation vials Scintillation counter Rotating wheel/platform Storage and Stability: H1823-01A: Store at -20 degrees C. H1923-01B: Store at -20 degrees C. Folowing reconstitution, aqueous solutions are stable for 6 months at -70 degrees C. H1823-01C: Store at -20 degrees C H1823-01D: Store at -20 degrees C. Following reconstitution, aqueous solutions are stable for 1-2 weeks at -20 degrees C. Discard and reconstitute fresh vial after 2 weeks.
Catalogue number: H1823-01
Size: 1Kit

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