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G418 Sulfate (Geneticin(R))

Cat no: G1000

Supplier: United States Biological
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G418 Sulfate is an aminoglycoside related to Gentamycin, used as a selective agent in bacterial genetics. It is toxic to yeast, bacteria, many plant and mammalian cells, helminths and protozoans. Appearance: White, crystalline powder Solubility: Colorless, clear, complete Potency: (same/more than) 620(u)ug/mg Suggested Working Concentration: 100-800ug/ml Mammalian Selection: 400ug/ml Maintenance: 200ug/ml Absorbance (1mg/ml): 280nm: (same/less than) 0.015 570nm: (same/less than) 0.10 Water (KF): (same/less than)12% Specific Rotation: +104 degrees to +121C pH: 5.0-6.0 Reconstitution: Reconstitute with water or ethanol to a desired stock concentration. Sterilize by filtration through a 0.2um filter, aliquot and freeze at -20 degrees C. Storage and Stability: Powder: Store at 4C. Avoid moisture uptake, as this can decrease potency. Stable for 12 months. Stock solution: Aliquot and store at -20 degrees C. Stable for 3-6months -20 degrees C.
Catalogue number: G1000
Size: 1g
References: US Biological application references: 1. Fatholahi, M. et al., (2006) J. Pharm. and Exp. Therapeutics 317:676-684. 2. Upadhyay, A.K. and Edmondson, D.E. (2008) Protein Expr Purif. 59:349-56. 3. Veranic?, P. et al., (2008) Biophysical J. 95:4416

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