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ELISA Development Kit, BioAssay,(TM) Mouse

Cat no: E2880-02

Supplier: United States Biological
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ELISA Development Kit, BioAssay,(TM) Mouse is designed to detect and quantitate antigen-specific antibodies in serums and other samples using a proprietary one-hour indirect ELISA procedure. Ideal for large-scale antibody titer determination. This kit allows user to perform a complete ELISA from antigen coating to signal development in just one hour. The one-hour protocol is contrasted with a classical five-hour ELISA procedure. Easy to Use: 1. Coat the plate with an antigen (protein or peptide) in the coating buffer for five minutes. 2. Block the plate with pretreatment solution for five minutes 3. After the 30-minute binding phase, treat the plate with the ELISA solution for 20 minutes. 4. The plate can then be developed with the custom TMB solution included. Kit Components: The kit contains all necessary reagents and buffers for performing indirect ELISA using ten 96-well plates. Dilution Solution, 1x125ml ELISA Solution, 1x125ml TMB, 1x110ml Pretreat A Solution, 1x125ml Pretreat B Solution, 1x125ml Stop Solution, 1x125ml 20X Wash Solution, 1x125ml 2X Coating Buffer, 1x 125ml Key Features: Fast: This kit cuts indirect ELISA time down to one hour. Sensitive: Same as or better than standard procedures. Reproducible: The kit produces highly reproducible results. Minimal optimization: Needs significantly less optimization than classical ELISA methods. Storage and Stability: Store the kit at 4 degrees C. It will remain stable for six months. Do not freeze the kit or any of its components.
Catalogue number: E2880-02
Reactivities: Mouse
Applications: ELISA
Size: 1Kit

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