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Chick Embryo Extract, Ultrafiltrate (CEE)

Cat no: C3999

Supplier: United States Biological
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Chick Embryo Extract, Ultrafiltrate is used as a supplement in some growth media formulations. It is prepared by blending 11-14 day old chick embryos in a balanced salt solution (3X embryo volume). The solution undergoes centrifugation to remove larger particles and debris. The supernatant is subjected to an ultrafiltration step with a 10kD MW cutoff to remove protein from the solution, producing a clear, amber liquid. This liquid is sterile-filtered. Animals are sourced from a specific USDA-Registered facility using a veterinary-inspected flock. Final processing at an ISO9000 facility. Chick Embryo Extract, Ultrafiltrate is protein free. It does not support the growth of viruses. Appearance: Pale-yellow, clear, solution Total Protein (Biuret): ~0.0g/dL Sterility (per 9CFR 113.26): Negative Mycoplasma (per 9CFR 113.26): Negative Osmolality: 260-360mOsm/Kg H2O Viral Testing Pullorum typhoid, Galisepticum, M. synoviae, M. meleagridis): Negative Recommended Dilutions: 1ml of extract/100ml of media Storage and Stability: Chick Embryo Extract, Ultrafiltrate is protein-free; thus, it will not break down. May be stored at RT. Stable for 12 months. Storage at 4 degrees C extends the stability for an additional 3-6 months. Some precipitate has been observed when frozen.
Catalogue number: C3999
Size: 20ml
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