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CD43 (T Cell Marker, Leukosialin, Sialophorin, or Leukocyte Sialoglycoprotein) (Biotin)

Cat no: C2397-55C

Supplier: United States Biological
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CD43, a member of the sialomucin family of cell surface receptors, is a 95-135kD type I transmembrane glycoprotein whose variability in molecular weight is dependent upon the nature of the extracellular O-glycans. It is the major sialoglycoprotein on thymocytes, T cells and neutrophils. It is also present on activated B cells, plasma cells, NK cells, granulocytes, monocytes, macrophages, platelets and bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells. CD43, which binds to ICAM-1 (CD54), appears to function as an anti-adhesion molecule, inhibiting T cell interactions, including T cell killing, and by increasing the threshold for T cell activation.1-4 Applications:
Catalogue number: C2397-55C
Reactivities: Human
Hosts: Mouse
Applications: Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry
Conjugates: Biotin
Size: 100Tests
Form: Supplied as a liquid in PBS, 0.1% sodium azide and a stabilizing agent. Conjugated to Biotin.
P type: Mab
Isotype: IgG1
Purity: Purified
References: 1. Knapp, W., B. Dorken, W.R. GIlks, E.P. Rieber, R.E. Schmidt, H. Stein, A.E.G.K. Von dem Borne, eds. 1989. Leukocyte Typing IV: White Cell Differentiation Antigens, Oxford University Press, Oxford. 2. Barclay, A.N., M.H. Brown, S.K.A. Law, A.J. McKnight, M.G. Tomlinson, and P.A. van der Merwe, eds. 1997. The Leukocyte Antigens Facts Book, 2nd Edition, CD43 Section, Academic Press, New York, p. 238. 3. Cyster, J.G., D.M. Shotton, and A.F. Williams 1991. EMBO J. 10:893. 4. Manjunath, N., M. Correa, M. Ardman, and B. Ardman. 1995. Nature 377:535.
Additional info: Recognizes human CD43.

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