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Casamino Acids

Cat no: C2080

Supplier: United States Biological
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Casamino Acids is a hydrochloric acid hydrolysate of casein. Supplies a completely hydrolyzed protein nitrogen source. It contains a small amount of cystine. Tryptophan and vitamins are destroyed by the acid treatment. The remaining amino acids (in varying amounts) are a source of nutrients for various microorganisms. Amino acids are highly soluble and suitable for use in tissue culture. Salt content is typically 30-40%. Typical Amino Acid Profile: Ala 2.8%, Arg 3.6%, Asp 6.3%, Cystine 0.3%, Glu 21.1%, Gly 2.2%, His 2.7%, Ile 5.6%, Leu 8.4%, Lys 7.5%, Met 2.7%, Phe 4.6%, Pro 9.9%, Ser 5.6%, Thr 4.2%, Trp 1.1%, Tyr 6.1%, Val 5.0% Certificate of Origin: The raw animal product (casein) used in manufacturing is derived from materials originating in New Zealand. Manufactured in USA. During processing of the product, a batch is heated to a minimum of 80 degrees C for a minimum of 1 hour, including a minimum of 5 minutes at 105 degrees C. The product is dried at a minimum of 140 degrees C.
Catalogue number: C2080
Size: 500g
Alternative names: Casein acid hydrolysate; Hy-Case P; Acid hydrolyzed casein
References: 1. J. Immunology, 34: 103 (1939). 2. J. Immunology, 40: 21 (1941).

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