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Aromatic L-Amino Acid Decarboxylase, Human (DOPA Decarboxylase, DDC) (Control Peptide)

Cat no: A3573-50

Supplier: United States Biological
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DDC (EC 1.1.128) belongs to the family group II Decarboxylase (DDC, GAD, HDC and TYRD). DDC catalyzes the formation of tryptamine from L-tyrosine. It also acts on 5-hydroxy-LO-tryptophan and dihydroxy-L-Phenylalanine (DOPA). Human DDC (480aa, chromosome 7p11) is a homodimer in the native state. it requires pyridoxal phosphate as a cofactor. A 16 amino acid peptide sequence near the N-terminus of human DDC. Applications: ELISA: Use at 1ug/ml to coat plates and detect with antibodies (1;10,000-1:50,000). Note: Not suitable for Western Blot due to low MW (< 3kD). Storage and Stability: May be stored at 4 degrees C for short-term only. For long-term storage, store at -20 degrees C. Aliquots are stable for at least 6 months at -20 degrees C. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial after thawing and prior to removing the cap. Further dilutions can be made in assay buffer.
Catalogue number: A3573-50
Applications: ELISA
Size: 50ug
Form: Supplied as a liquid in PBS, pH 7.5, 0.05% sodium azide.
Purity: Highly purified
References: 1. Schrere, L.J., et al., Genomics 13: 469-471 (1992). 2. Tanaka, T., et al., PNAS 86: 8142 (1989). 3. Ishii, S., et al., J. Biochem. 120: 369-376 (1996).
Additional info: 16aa peptide shows homology with rat, mouse and pig (93%); bovine and guinea pig (87%).

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