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AEC Red Substrate Kit, BioAssay(TM) (aminoethyl carbazole)

Cat no: A0920-15

Supplier: United States Biological
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Introduction: This kit utilizes aminoethyl carbazole (AEC), an alcohol soluble chromogen, and generates a reddish deposit at the reaction site on tissue or cell preparations upon reaction with peroxidase. This kit contains H2O2 substrate, AEC chromogen, and substrate buffer. These reagents are suitable for use with manual or automated staining systems. All components are in liquid form. Reagents for 2000 slides Kit Components: A0920-15A: 1 dropper bottle (12ml) of substrate buffer (20X). A0920-15B: 1 dropper bottle (12ml) of chromogen solution (20X). A0920-15C: 1 dropper bottle (12ml) of hydrogen peroxide solution (20X). Reagent Preparation: 1. Add 1 drop (50ul) of A0920-15A to 1ml of distilled water.. Mix well. 2. Add 1 drop of A0920-15B and 1 drop A0920-15C. Mix again. 3. Keep solution away from light and use within 30 minutes. Recommended Guidelines For Use: 1. Incubate the substrate/chromogen mixture with the tissue specimen for 3-5 minutes. If desired, incubation times up to 30 minutes can be done with satisfactory results. Color development may be monitored under a microscope. 2. Rinse in 2-3 changes of distilled water. 3. Counterstain. 4. This reagent is alcohol soluble. DO NOT dehydrate tissues after staining. Mount with aqueous mounting solution.
Catalogue number: A0920-15
Size: 1Kit
References: 1. Chow, N., et al., Human Pathology 28(6): 698-703 (1997). 2. Hicks, D.G., et al., J. Histotechnol. 20(3): 215-224 (1997).

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